PhenQ Review

PhenQ is a Phentermine alternative that has been the talk of the weight loss supplement industry ever since it was first released. It seems wherever and whenever the product is mentioned it generates excitement.

But is it as good as people say? Or is it all hype?

Let’s look under the hood of this remarkable little pill and see what makes it tick.

My review is Inspired by Emily’s PhenQ Review

What Is PhenQ?

PhenQ is a modern alternative to the popular and widely used weight loss drug Phentermine. Phentermine literally changed the way people lost weight when it was first released. Its primary function was an appetite suppressant. While this was (and still is) a great way to lose weight – there was room for improvement.

This is where PhenQ comes into play.
PhenQ takes 5 different factors that are highly important for weight loss and combines them into one pill. (A large number of people used to take multiple supplements to get just 2 or 3 of these benefits.)

Let’s take a closer look at the 5 things PhenQ claims do to.

Appetite Suppressant

PhenQ is an appetite suppressant, just like normal Phentermine. Being a reasonably modern product PhenQ claims to have been able to tweak the formula of phentermine to enhance and improve upon the properties of the original. To be honest, the original phentermine is already pretty darn successful at suppressing appetite so we can be pretty sure PhenQ will do the same or better.


Stop Fat Production

People often think that losing weight is all about just removing the fat that is already present on your body. While this is obviously a big part of the process, it is not the whole thing. It is just as important to stop your body adding new fat (while burning the old fat) to lose as much weight as possible in a short period of time.

Energy Boosting

Anyone who has ever dieted before will be able to tell you that dieting is exhausting work that usually leaves you feeling pretty darn tired. What you may not know is that tiredness is actually an inevitable side product of a calorific deficit (using more calories than you consume). PhenQ safely and easily solves this issue by adding a little bit of additional energy into your day with their tiny little pill.

Mood Improvement

Another side effect of dieting is feeling hungry (usually). This can make many people feel a little bit more cranky than they normally would (often taking their discomfort out on those closest to them). PhenQ adds a gentle mood enhancer to their product that is intended to make your day just that little bit brighter from start to finish.

Fat Burning
This is the big one.

PhenQ is designed to help you lose weight by utilizing their trademarked and scientifically proven formula called α-Lacys Reset. This is fancy name is basically a nice way of marketing the two actual biological processes that PhenQ chemically induces.

The most interesting of the two processes is called Thermogenesis. This is a technique that had not been utilized by any other diet pill on the market and is what caused such excitement within the weight loss community.

Thermogenesis is a natural function that your body already does on a day to day basis, it’s the scientific way of saying “Generate Heat”.

Have you ever wondered why lizards and snakes can easily endure weeks without eating food?

It’s because they are cold-blooded.

Us mammals are warm-blooded. And being warm-blooded has significant advantages (like not needing to lie in the sun for hours before being able to function normally). But it does have one “disadvantage”.

Warming our blood takes a huge amount of energy.

I’m sure you know that using a huge amount of energy, means burning a huge amount of calories.(And now you should begin to understand why I am here talking about lizards in a diet pill review!)

PhenQ very slightly alters your bodies internal thermostat to just a fraction of a degree higher.

Now as you might expect heating the body up this tiny little bit more does not require a that much more energy, if we say it takes around 100 calories a day to do this (it’s probably more, but let’s be conservative) – In one month this ends up being around 3000 calories.

Based on the recommended guidelines for calorific intake that’s the equivalent of doing a total fast with no calorific intake at all for over 1.5 days each month.

(Note: You will not feel the difference in body temperature at all, it is too small of a difference. So don’t worry about feeling hot all the time!)
The second fat burning function of PhenQ is much more traditional when compared to thermogenesis. PhenQ speeds up your body’s metabolism to above normal levels.

This basically means that PhenQ naturally increases the rate that your body burns calories, which in turn results in weight loss. The actual science behind the principle of weight loss via an increased metabolic rate is reasonably simple and has been peer reviewed and proven beyond doubt.

So if does what it claims to do regarding Thermogenesis and Metabolic Rate, then weight loss should be guaranteed.

(Spoiler: It is guaranteed – money back guaranteed).

How Do I Use It?

PhenQ has been specifically designed for people that simply do not have the time to adhere to a strict diet and fitness regimen.

Let’s be honest if we all had 8 hours of spare time each day we wouldn’t need wonder drugs like PhenQ and would probably spend more time active or in the gym…

But most of us don’t have anything like this amount of time free each day. In fact most of us don’t have the time to plan and stick to a strict supplement regimen either.

Thankfully, PhenQ has intentionally been designed to be easy to take without the need to dedicate hours of your life to figuring out the correct time to be taking it.

Simply take one pill with breakfast, and one pill with dinner and you are done.

What’s In PhenQ?

PhenQ is made up of a variety of compounds and ingredients, some you will probably of already heard of – others you will not. Let’s take a look at the 5 most important ingredients of PhenQ.

Capismax Powder

This is derived from Capsicum and is an organic compound. The capsicum increases your blood flow and facilitates the increased rate of Thermogenesis in your body.

Calcium Carbonate

This is used to prevent fat storage – enabling calories that you consume to be used immediately instead of being stored as fat for use later.

Chromium Picolinate

This is the main ingredient that suppresses your appetite. It works by optimizing your bodies blood sugar levels to reduce hunger and cravings.


You already know what this is.


This is the ingredient that actually encourages your body to burn fat that it has already stored. It breaks down the fat which is then dispersed into your bloodstream to be used for energy.

Is It Safe?

PhenQ is made using FDA approved pharmaceutical grade ingredients in medical grade clean rooms. The company who manufactures the product is the highly respected Wolfen Berg LTD who has decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Companies don’t really get more reputable and trustworthy than this.

Does It Work?

There have been extensive independent clinical trials conducted on PhenQ to fact check the claims they are making about their product. And the results are quite impressive, to say the least!

A test group was split into two halves, half was taking a placebo and half was taking PhenQ.

At the end of the trial the people using PhenQ lost a huge 7.24% of their body fat, and they lost 3.44% of their body weight, and they increased their muscle mass by 3.80%.

Astonishing results, especially for ones that were generated under strict scientific scrutiny. But we wanted to see what real people had to say about the product.

As PhenQ has been around for quite some time now, it has amassed countless anecdotal reviews from people all over the world (and all walks of life). We spent a large amount of time researching these reviews for this article. we assessed the for bias and verified their authenticity.

Once we had been left we the genuine reviews we took a good long look at them.

Within all of the reviews, we read there was a very wide range of results. While everyone we read about did lose weight, some people only lost 3 or 4 pounds per month, while others were losing a huge 10 or 11 pounds per month.

The discrepancies seemed to be based on diet, people who were basically eating the same thing as normal and did no exercise lost the least weight (but still some), the ones who cut down on the junk food lost a whole lot more.

But regardless of lifestyle and diet, the end result was always the same and our impartial conclusion is that PhenQ helps you lose weight, and it helps you lose weight fast.

Sounds Good, Are There Any Guarantees?

PhenQ are so confident in the claims they make about their product that they offer no questions asked 60-day money back guarantee.

If you don’t lose weight, or if you don’t lose as much as you would have liked to – you can get your money back easily.

All you need to do is return any unused PhenQ to them within 60 days of receiving it to receive a full refund (you need to cover the shipping costs).

As they put it on their website – “You have nothing to lose but your weight”